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Commander !

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We will present here some of the articles in sale in our shop localized in Paris (France).
For more information about the stock or the prices, please contact us by email : shop@boyloovegirl.com.

Warning : Sorry, the Shop is not translated in English yet.

Galerie :
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visual cave :
Ref: 00O010  

visual cave :
Ref: 0009  

visual cave :
Ref: 0008  

visual cave :
Ref: 0007  

visual cave :
Ref: 0006  

visual cave :
Ref: 0004  

haut en vynyl/jupe en satin :
Ref: rav0024-sinn0025  /  Prix: 120-140 €

visual cave003 :
Ref: visuel003  
VESTE FAUSSE FOURRURE- jaune /noire/violet:120? (existe aussi en manteau tr?s long:200?); body vynil noire:180?; jupe semi-transparente sin0014:75?; chaussures Newrock106:190?

foto003 :
Ref: visuel00"  
Top jaune-30? soutien -gorge:---25? jupe-85? new rock-280?

foto001 :
Ref: visuel001  
Top-80? jupr-80?

visuel8 :
Ref: foto8  
Veste allemande- 60? pantalon(carndamm002)(urbain/woodland)-70?

visual cave :
Ref: 002  

visual cave :
Ref: 001  

[femmes] [ensemble de haut/jupe femmes] [visuel] [gar?ons

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